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Big e-Loads

Never runs out, includes E-wallet and has a built in 7.5% bonus.

Start your own business, Eload friends and family.

Call Mark on +44 (0)1344 566 375 or +44 (0)7551166162 for details.

Smart Pinoy SIM Card

E-loadThe Smart SIM card that’s ready for use overseas!

The only SIM that has pre-activated International Roaming. Can receive texts from the Philippines even with zero maintaining balance. [more info...]

Call the Philippines at local rates now!

Call the Philippines at local rates now!

PHP 300.00 Pesos E-load - £5.40

E-loadOnline E-load 300 Pesos

To top-up only your Smart telephone number is required. E-load your card online and start sending and spending.

PHP 1000.00 Pesos E-load - £17.50

E-loadOnline E-load 1000 Pesos

Load now make calls and texts at local rates, send money and pay bills. Contact us for larger E-loads.


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